Succulent Creations Grilled to Perfection

Formerly known as ‘The Burger Hub’, one of Kuwait’s first and most successful home-grown burger concepts, GroupSix has undergone a incredible metamorphosis to become a first-of-its-kind, delivery-only concept: the 77 Josper Bar.

Blending guest’s dining choices between quick-service and full-service restaurant, the delivery only concept provides guests with the very best experience through its catering services. Bypassing dining rooms, this non-traditional dining service offers a wide array of cuisines and sensational menu items all cooked with an all-natural Josper Oven.

We believe the best taste is natural. That’s why 77 Josper Bar features an all-natural Josper Oven, an elegant combination of grill and oven beloved by chefs across the globe. The oven’s use of coal adds a unique signature flavor and a rich, succulent texture to our grilled creations, giving you a culinary experience that you do not want to miss.